EAG Tungsten Electrode Grinder

EAG Tungsten Electrode Grinder

EAG-3, the economic mobile device for grinding tungstenelectrodes to use on construction sites and in the workshop as well.

A clean ground section of the tungsten electrode not only increases the service life; the weld quality is substantially improved.

Sensible use both manual welding and the welding machine.

Both manual welding as well as in the use of welding machines - such as orbital welding or robots - made possible an accurate grinding of tungsten electrode for precise angle repeatability of the welding results.

A detailed description of the EAG-3 tungstenelectrodes  grinder can be found here.

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EAG Tungsten grinder complete

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EAG Diamond Grinding disc metal bond

Product no.: 300450

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EAG Tungsten electrode holder 1.0-4.0 mm Ø

Product no.: 300100

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EAG Clamps

Product no.: 300299

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EAG Clamping nuts

Product no.: 300350

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EAG Motor

Product no.: 300500

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